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Hidden treasures of Hindukush Pakistan

I'm more than proud to share this post for readers, adventure lovers, explorers,nature lovers,trekkers climbers and historians unveiling some of the hidden parts of Pakistan which are still waiting for explorers to visit and enjoy there.
Hindu Kush is one of the three greatest Mountain ranges Karakurom, Himalaya and Hindukush in Pakistan lies to the Northwest. There are snow-capped peaks up to 7700 meters, Circle treks along lush green Meadows, stunning glaciers,high passes, attractive summer pastures with unique cultural cottages above all is the hospitality of the mountain communities all along your proposed area has no parallel to any part of the world.
The falling fountains of water from the Mountains, sky blue rivers, lakes, and streams rich with trout fish adds to the joy of your holidays.
The historical places, forts,castles and such other attraction are ruins which need to renovate, to make marks for the visitors visit in the land of lakes the Ghizar district to the west of Gilgit. The famous Shandur Road passes through this beautiful valley. The great attraction of the beautiful villages of Punial, Ishkoman, Gupis Yasin, Phunder are laying along the Ghizar River. The people all along the way are hospitable and welcome the visitors inviting their homes and offering tea which is a long time tradition of the mountain communities of Gilgit Baltistan.  made many tours convincing clients on my own to visit this part of the world and every individual returned with surprising experience and true humanity of the people. The people of Ghizar still has not been commercialized yet because of the their long tradition of hospitality. We need to aware them of such things and make people of business minded in order to develop their living standard and facilitate the visitors properly. None of the visitor wishes to have free services as my experiences in the field of tourism. All wanted to put their hands in the development of a region in positively.
Tourism is a such an industry that plays pivotal role in the development people. Ghizar is one of the districts in Gilgit Baltistan rich with great potential for tourism. There are great attractions from the rivers to mountains.
The thing left now is to bring in the map of the world with its real picture and potential which has not been yet in the notice of the people who wish to visit such exciting places to enjoy their holidays, study their research have fun in  the natural environment.

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Ghizar the land of Lakes

Ghizar District is one of the unique district in Gilgit Baltistan with stunning landscape from reivers to Mountains.There are numerous 5000 to 6600 metres snow towering peaks most of them are unclimbed waiting for climbers to summit. There are amazing circle treks of a week long to month long passing through passes of 3000 metres to 5500 metres. Most of them are in the open zone which do not need any special permit to go on. Some of the treks have large white glaciers and morains for technical and experienced trekkers and some are easy dry passes for normal TREKKERS. You pass through summer pastures and houses all along with hospitable mountain communities with different cultures and languages from valley to valley. You can fully enjoy your holidays in the valleys in the real natural environment. We warmly invite explorers, climbers, trekkers and all those with their special interest trips to discover and enjoy in the glourous landscap.

Monday, 29 January 2018

Wakhan Corridor Trek from Emit

Day- 1  Arrival in Islamabad city tour of the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan a modern architected city and Rawal Pindi is the old city of Pakistan unique with old architecture and history.
Day-2  to 4. Fly to Gilgit or drive to Chilas there are two ways to go by the Karakorum Highway the eighth wonder of the world or over Babusar Pass ( 4100) meters from the beautiful Naran and Kaghan valleys. If you are lucky enough with weather there is an hour flight to Gilgit otherwise drive to Chilass for 10 to 12 hour and overnight stay in a hotel.
Day 3 to 5 Gilgit to Ishkoman: 4 hours driving along the beautiful villages of Ghizar district. The last village of Emit is the starting point of the trek.
This is two weeks interesting trek in the Hindukush starts either from Chitral or Ishkoman we need special permit from Ministry of tourism Islamabad as it is in the restricted zone. It is accessible to Gilgit to Ishkoman and begins the trek from Bilhanz the last village of Emit takes five hours from Gilgit. Bilhnaz is village at the altitude of 2900 meters the first day in the tents the temperature 20 C in the month of July.
Day-6 Trek to Matramdan: It is a smooth walk of 3-4 hours trek along the Qurumbar River on jeep road to the last permanent village of the Emit Ishkoman. There are spectacular views of snow-capped peaks of Hindukush all the way. There are 22 houses with Wakhi speaking people hospitable and welcome you to the village warmly. Camp at 3200 meters, you will enjoy the day.
Day-7 Trek to Warghut: It is a great day along the east bank Qurumbar River with the views beautiful landscape. The first two hours of the day is smooth as the previous day and another on the west bank of the river takes you Piakhing, and the moraine of Warghut Glacier a beautiful summer village of Warghut with field of barley and wheat. Another one kilometers takes you to the camp site with spring water under birch trees at the altitude of 3600 meters opposite of Chilinji Glacier.
Day-8 Trek to Sokhtarabad: it is an interesting walk of four to five hours with views of the spectacular views of white top peaks adds  to the joy of your holidays, you will cross the grandeur of the Sokhtarabad Glacier and the views of Bortha Borthi Pass to Wakhan. From here to the west the famous Chilinji Pass trek goes to the west to Chupuson Valley of upper Hunza. Sokhatarabad is the most beautiful camp site of this trek at the altitude of 3600 meters under the trees. There some summer houses from the friendly people of Emit who spend summer with goat and sheep. They welcome you to their summer houses offering local dishes. You will enjoy the camp and have comfortable night here.
Day- 9 Trek to Shuinj: The trek takes 5 to 6 hours along the east bank of Qurumbar River it is a easy and smooth walk for first two hours then you are going to walk on the Chitibio Glacier on ice, the starting point and the last point is moraine crossing mostly with white ice having crevasses too. The glacier takes about two hours to cross and you climb to Shuinj there are summer houses of the Gujar people from the Emit valley who spend their summer as the ones in Sokhtarabad. It is nice camp site on the altitude of 3900 meters with views of splendid white heat covering peaks of Qurumber that adds to the joy of your trekking. The camp here is wonderful with soft green ground and bit colder than the previous camp.
Day-10 Trek to QUrumbar Lake: This day you reach to the altitude of 4000 meters to camp at the magnificent Qurumbar Lake with spectacular sceneries and beautiful flowers all around the lake. It is 3 kilometers long and two kilometers wide blue sky lake full of sea birds swimming in it. The walk from shuinj to the lake is much easier and you feel fresh after acclimatization you reach here as my experience.  A little feeling of altitude I experienced during my trips in the past. The camp site is at 4100 meters the last end entering to KPK Province with full view of the lake on a field soft green grass and wild onions’ ground.  At night the temperature decreases to – some times. It is worth to have an extra day and enjoy walk up towards Wakhan corridor or climbing peaks of 5000 meters around here if you are interested in.
Day-11 Trek to Showarshore/or Lashkargaz: There are four options  from here of 4 more days trek, the one continue down to Ishkarwarz, Lasht and Mastuj, Chitral or to Gilgit (over Shandur Pass) the second to Chikar cross the Darkot Pass to Yasin and Gilgit. The third option is to go to Zindighram Pass to Darko and the fourth one is to go to Ishkoman by Chiantir Glaceir over Amin Pass (5100 m) to Ghotolti (which has newly been discovered by our guide Amin Shah along with Italian trekkers in 2004).
 Day-12 Trek to Zindighram Base Camp: It takes 4-6 hours walk on smooth easy path with views of the the Wakhan Corridor ridges to your right, Chikar Zom 6400m and Kaio Zom 6700 m all the way down to your camp. If you are going to Zindighram Pass you have to cross the to the east bank of the river and climb to the base camp on unusual paths of animals and reach to your campsite 4200 m to stay night close to the Zindighram Glacier. There is amazing views that you have come up to backwards, Chianter Glacier to the right and Zindighram Glacier ahead you are going proceed the next day. Hopefully you will enjoy your night.
Day-13 Trek to Rawat Over Zindighram Pass (4550 m): This is the hardest day your trek and will give the experience of your adventure. 8 to 10 hours, you will soon get on the Zindighram Glacier and climb up on white ice with ice springs on the glacier and ascending to the pass in five hours the scenery of the glacier makes you forget everything your life and if you are first time on asuch trip there is endless joy walking on ice, snow and amazing views all around and hearing the whistles of snow cocks from the nearer peaks. When you reach to the pass you have magnificent views of both sides to the Qurumbar Valley and Darkot valley. The difficult walk of the day ends here; you are descending to Rawat on the glacier all way down to the campsite with fields of barley and birch trees. You will be welcomed by the friendly and hospitable people from Darkot here. You will come across a sulpher boiling spring on the way close to Rawat and can have a hot shower in it. Camp at 3700meters.
Day-14 Trek to Darkot and drive to Gilgit: An easy walk of 2 hours on jeep roads to Darkot village giving a surprise to the people of your arrival in the Village and the villagers will happy to see you and welcome warmly. The Village is at 3300 meters.

Four hours drive to Gilgit from along the beautiful villages of Yasin Valley, Gupis and punial.

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Terichmir Expedition 2016

It gives me an immense pleasure writing this article about the permission of Khyber Pukhtoon Khan Government and the Ministry Tourism Pakistan to the French and Russian climbers to climb Terichmir 7,708 meters, the highest mountain in Hindukush range Pakistan. It was closed for last many years and restricted (that needed permit to go there). Now it has been not only allowed the climbers to go there but also considered it as an open zone. I would like to pay my warmest gratitude to both of the above mentioned concerned authorities being part of tourism industry especially the only one living in this mountain range and hope to do the same for the other trekking routes and mountains that are still in the restricted zones unnecessarily.
12-06-2016 Islamabad: I picked the two very young French climbers who arrived at Islamabad airport on 12th June 2016 by 4:00 am to scale the highest peak in Hindukush which is an encouraging moment for the tourism concerns. I brought them to a guest house in Islamabad and they had rest for few hours. We went to shopping around Islamabad and every Pakistani who met them welcomed warmly and offered drinks where we went  and it was surprising for them w because as they told me every one in France says that it is dangerous to go to Pakistan and the people not good.
 In the after-noon we went sightseeing around the capital city, it was very interesting and amazing for the visitors and they enjoyed the natural beauty of Margala Hills in Islamabad and the way of behaving of the people during this period, every moment they were saying that why it has been advertising such a wrong way in Europe. We came to the guest house in the evening and they met some people from the weather fore cast for updates during their climbing and was always positive response for them. It was also encouraging for the climbers and impressed by their cooperation.
13-06-2016 Islamabad to Chitral: It was an interesting day we flew to Chitral by PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) via Swat and Lawari Pass. The weather was completely clear and we could be able to see the valleys below us and interesting view of beautiful villages and snow covered peaks of Hindu Kush. My clients were happy to have this flight of 55 minutes from Islamabad to Chitral. It took off by 11:25 a.m and arrived at Chitral airport by 12:20 p.m. A jeep driver picked us from the airport came to Terichmir Hotel from where is the magnificent view of Terichmir, then we went to the foreigners registration office, the people over there welcomed the climbers and cleared the paperwork quickly without any arguments it was an encouraging for all of us. There has been amazing changes and flexibility for the foreigners unlike some of the previous years, this was an impressive moement too for me and the climbers. We visited to the Chitral bazzar everyone there welcomed the climbers and the people here are friendly and hospitable as the clients’ comments. These all added to joy of the clients.
14-06-2016 Chitral to Terich Sha Grum: This morning we set off towards Sha Grum which is the last village of Terich Valley from where the trek starts to Terichmir. We left at 7 o’ clock in the morning and reached at the village at 2 o’ clock in the afternoon driving through the beautiful villages of Terich Valley with scenic views of white towering beautiful mountains of Hindu Kush Boni Zom 6551 meters, Istoro Nal and many others that give unbelievable joy to our trips. Although the road is rough and bumpy but it is part of an adventure. My clients were very happy and enjoyed a lot on this day saying that this is one of the greatest memories of our life to be here and enjoy the real natural beauty of the landscape. When we arrived at the guest house the people of the village warmly welcomed us and they hospitable and friendly. We arranged our porters for the trek to Terichmir we had some problems to find porters because of the month of Ramadan they were afraid of carrying and walk but we made them agree by making the weight lower than the rule and paying as they demanded, because there was not any other option for us. We stayed in the guest house at 2,900 meters.
15-06-2017 Sha Grum to Shinyak trek: Five hours walk. We were expecting to leave very early this morning because it gets very hot on the way, but our porters couldn’t get ready early because of Ramadan and their preparation for the trek. We left at 9 o’ clock from the village it was very hot but on the way got some clouds and there are tree shades along the way that made us able to enjoy our day. The trek is very interesting with superb views of mountains and passing through beautiful summer villages all along the way. We arrived at Shinyak at 2 o’ clock a beautiful campsite under the birch trees and with crystal clear spring water on and softy ground to sleep at the altitude of 3,400 meters. Our porters were very strong without eating and drinking on such a hard walk they managed to make it, and they are unbelievable helpful and cooperative. After arriving there they went back to the summer village an hour walk to stay night because there summer houses and ration for them. We spent the night there it is believable to say that it was warmer than the village where we stayed the previous night.
16-06-2016 Shinyak to Shoghor Basing: It was an interesting walk of a five hours with superb views of the Terichmir group of mountains. We got up at 3 :30 a.m as our porters told us to be ready by 4 o’ clock this morning because they have their breakfast at 2:30 a.m and start to have fast as they wanted to walk early before getting hot. The first one hour walk of the day was hard on the beginning of the moraine of the Terichmir glacier and then we got up to the white glacier which is really smooth walk of three hours and the last twenty minutes are the same as the beginning while crossing the glacier. We reached to a nice camp site with nice spring water and full of beautiful flowers and spectacular views of the surrounding mountains. We arrived here by 9:30 a.m after five hours. Our porters decided to move to the next camp in order to make it short for the next day. We were happy of this idea and took rest up to 1 o’ clock that was the time we wish to start, but by the time the changed their mind and decided to stay here. We got in suspension because they decided leave by 3 o’ clock in morning. My clients decided to leave with our stuff and they would come in the next morning. We set off from there with one porter by 2:30 p.m and it was unbelievable hard walk of four hours on the moraine of the Terichmir Glacier as we were expecting of two hours. It took us four hours to get to the Istoro Nal base camp at the altitude of 4,400 meters. One of the members felt headache because of altitude. We had our dinner and went to sleep; I was not feeling well too I had a severe pain in my right side (kidney).
17-06-2016 Istoro Nal Base Camp to Babu Camp (the last day of the trek): It is amazing that the porters who were in the previous camp arrived by 1 o’ clock at night as they started by 9 o’ clock after eating in the evening a surprising moment because the way to here is really hard on the steeps of the moraine with moving rocks when you step on it was a big risk they had taken, but luckily all got there without any problem. As the decided to move towards the next last camp after having their breakfast by 3 a.m it was not acceptable for me to awake my clients such early and refused it. Any way they had their breakfast by the usual time and waited until 4 o’clock and awake the members by their selves and asked them to leave, but one the members was not feeling well and told them that could go with the language and drop at the base camp whether they will leave later because it was a short walk of two hours to get there, I also decided to go back with the porters and get to a doctor about my sickness. The porters left by 4 o’ clock and came back to the camp at 7 a.m. The members and I decided for me to return from here. Babu Camp is paradise on for mountains and adventure lovers, You get in the heart of mountains, a nice campsite with clear spring water flowers started to grow now. It would be windy sometimes as it is at the height of  4700 meters.
 We walked all the way back to the village and arrived by 6:30 p.m at the village. I stayed night over there and came back to Chitral and directly consulted to doctor, he observed me and diagnosed that I have problem in kidney, suggested me some medicine and advised me a rest of a week and can go back if I wish or need to go. Hopefully I would go back with the Russian group is coming to climb Terichmir too and join the expedition. Adventure is fun for me and I love to go on mountains. 

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Trekking from South Face of Nanga Parbat to North Face

31-07-2016. Fairy Meadows to Tarashing
On July 31, 2016 we left from Fairy Meadows to Tarashing which is the last village of Astore district from where the trek to South face of Nanga Parbat and Mazino Pass begins. We arrived at Raikot Bridge at 1 o’ clock in the after-noon because the road from Tato was blocked and one of our jeep driver did not arrive to pick us which we had already reserved that made us late. Having lunch at Raikot we left at 2 o’ clock and reached at Tarashing by half past 6 in the evening. The beginning of the Astore road was terrible and took us long time by driving in a very slow speed and the last part of the road ten km to reach to the last village was completely rough that made us tired when we reached at Astore. My clients were too tired too and some the members were not felling well and couldn’t have supper by that day. It was not a good day for all of us. We stayed night at Nanga Parbat Hotel at 2,911 meters.
August 1, 2016: Tarashing to Latboi
 The next morning we started trek it was a great day with good weather, we began a bit late in the morning it was hot day up to Hilligkoffer base camp the first cam site crossing Tarashing Glacier  and lush green beautiful villages of lower and upper Rupal. We reached here walking four hours from Tarashing. We had our lunch here it was nice time and the clients were happy with the beautiful scenery of the landscape and magnificent views of Nanga Parbat and other snow-capped high mountains of Himalaya. We decided to walk another two hours to the next camp of Latboi and moved to this camp which is at the altitude of 3,550 meters with green meadows and thick forest all around with superb views of Nanga Parbat it is also called second base camp with clear spring water and cluster summer houses there were the people from Tarashing and offered us local dishes with yoghurt from cow and goats milk it is nice campsite we enjoyed our day trip. One of our lady members was not feeling well and after two hours of walk she got weak and decided to ride on donkey and we managed it and arrived to the camp riding.
August 2, 2016: Latboi to Shaigiri
It was short day of two hours walk we set off at 8 a.m and arrived at the campsite of Shaigiri a gentle walk along the juniper and birch trees, the campsite here is at 3,660 meters under the trees with grassy flat for tents with clear fresh spring water. The views from here to the South is amazing of 5,484 meters Rupal peak and beautifu snow-capped 5,600 meters Liala peak ahead adds to the joy of the trek. The porters here always get on strikes for little things and always noisy unlike the porters in other parts of  Gilgit Baltistan that makes you disturb you there should be professional guide to deal with the porters of this trek. The porters from High camp to the end the trek come from Chilas who the worst. I dealt very technically and did not give them a chance to strike on the way. I had a little problem to dismiss two porters from here where their language was finished but handled it quickly. We had some drops of rain this after-noon.
August 3, 2016. Shaigiri to Mazino Base Camp:
This morning we set off towards Mazino Base camp a walk of three hours, the path follows northern lateral moraine of Toshain Glacier with great views of Liala peak and Rupal peak backwards and Nanga Parbat on one side, the walk was very interesting the first two hours were very hot because it was sunny day. We arrived at the camp around 12 at noon and the weather began to change we had a strong wind,   tents were almost to blown up by the wind but it stopped soon. The camp site is green meadow at 4,200 meters, with bubbling streams and dry juniper bushes,looking down Toshain Glacier is interesting from here. We enjoyed this day very much because all of group member were happy to be on 4000 meters without any problems.
August 4, 2016 Mazino Base Camp to High Camp:
It took us five hours with lunch break on the way for an hour. The track turns north and climbs steadily up to the lateral moraine of the Mazino Glacier which descends directly from the Mazino Pass. The first two hours on green meadows and then on the rocky path leads to the high camp at 4,700 on the north side of the Mazino glacier with glacier water. Here our porters from Chilas joined us for the next days trek towards the north face of Nanga Parbat. We had enough time to be relaxed here and prepare for the next day to go to cross the Mazino Pass I was a bit afraid of some my clients who were seemed not able to reach the pass but fortunately it got opposite my guessing they did well on this day which was beyond my expectations at all. We had our dinner 5:30 p.m in order to sleep early because we had to leave by 3:00 a.m to make sure to reach at the pass on time and descend down to the other side before sun rising to avoid rock fallings which very dangerous part of this trek and made it on time and very happy to be on the Loiba Glacier crossing the Mazino Pass. We had 19 porters and six members of the group and we were three staff members on this trek.
August 5, 2016. Mazino High Camp to Chatti crossing the Mazino pass 5399 meters:
This morning we at 3 o’ clock with headlights and walked on the Mazino glacier which is smoothly climbing up and came to beginning of the steep towards mazino we got the day light. We been very lucky with the weather on this trek it was always with us, this morning we had blue sky and came to the with magnificent views from the pass to Mazino Ridge, Nanga parbat and many other peaks around. We came to the pass at 6 a.m and fixed the rope to descend down there was an another group of Pakistani trekkers along with ten porters and we started descending one by one I make my members to be first to go down then our porters followed us fortunately everybody did reach the camp safe and sound and it was interesting day for all my clients they were very happy to be here and one of the challenging trips their lives as their comments. We came to camp side Chatti at 4700 meters on green meadows after 10 hours of walking. On the way we gave them a light lunch and had the lunch at the camp. We had heavy rain this afternoon the evening was very cold. The camp site is at 4,200 meters, but our option was to cross another pass Kao/Sargalio Band Pass 5140 meters and camp here to go on this pass and go the base camp of Noth face of Nanga Parbat. We did it on the next day.

August 06, 2016. Chatti to Sargallio crossing Sargalio Band pass 5,140 meters.
It was really a tough day for my clients because this is an unusual pass/trek rarely is done as our porters we are the people after four years on this trek. The path is on the moving rocks from the very beginning and too steeply going up an up to reach the pass and slippery gravels in some parts of the. Some my members hated this day and told me that stupid people will come to such a trek we came to the pass in four hours hardly looking towards the North face of Nanga parbat is amazing the view down is superb from the pass. We took some pictures here and descended down to green meadows with crystal clear spring water where our porters and staff were waiting for our lunch. We arrived here by 1:30 p.m. Our cook Karim was working with stove because it was not working that porters made it out of order on the way we had dry lunch unlike every day. We had our lunch the descended down to Sargalio a camp site with green flat and huge juniper trees an awesome campsite. There were few of our porters it was surprising because most of the porters had gone to Kutgali where they for summer with all our language it was really bad job they did because there is another two hour walk to go there but our members were already exhausted and were not able to move any more. We called back all of them and stayed night there at 3740 meters. We had some rain drops last night.
August 7, 2016: day trip to Nanga Parbat Base Camp (North Face):
On this day five members of the group visited to the base camp they left from the camp at 8:30 a.m and came back at half past five in the afternoon. It was day rest for me and the porters. We spent washing our clothes of last week trekking and we stayed the second night here. Our clients decided to go in one day from here to Chilas but in our program it was a two days plan it should be done in two days because it is long day especially for porters it is quite hot on barren gorge down to Halala and Bunar Dass. My clients were optimistic to reach Chilas by the same day and we did it, but our porters arrived late in the evening.
August 8, 2016: Sargalio to Chilass via Halala and Bunar Dass:
It was long day walk as I mentioned that my clients were optimistic to do in one day we did it six hours. We left at 7 a.m and reached at Halala polly bridge by 1 p.m running all the way down sometimes there was beating heat when the sun was shining but again the weather was with us most part of day stayed cloudy and we had a rain too when we were at the jeep road and waiting for the jeeps. We hired Toyota from here and came to Chilas by standing in it as it was a tradition with this kind of vehicles to reach the villages of North Pakistan long ago, but here still the same. We arrived at Shangrila Chilas by 5 p.m.
August 9, 2016 Chilas to Islamabad:

This morning we left from Chilas at 9 a.m and reached Islamabad at 10 p.m driving 13 hours on the way to Naran ad Kaghan valleys over Babusar Pass 4,173 meters. It was wonderful day travelling safe sound.I hope you will enjoy reading this post. If you wish to visit Pakistan please write me on

Friday, 19 August 2016

Nanga Parbat trek 2016

I had group of six members from Bulgaria for the trip of Around Nanga Parbat over Mazino Pass 5399 meters and Sargalio Band Pass 5140 meters.
They arrived at Lahore Alama Iqbal International Airport and visited the historical sites of Lahore which has great ancient history and some of the great Mughal historical buildings and sites in the city. The arrived by the same night to Islamabad and we had a great dinner at the Kabul Restaurant Islamabad and planned for the next day to continue to Chilas over Babusar Pass 4173 meters bus able pass along the beautiful valleys of Naran and Kaghan which is amazing part of the country with many of tourist resorts lakes, rivers, mountains green thick forest worth to visit and that adds to the joy of travelling along on this road. During the there are thousands of domestic tourist who travel from the hot low towns and cities to avoid the hottest months of June and July and mostly the educational institutions have holidays during these months. Sometimes, there is traffic jams and hotel rooms are occupied.  By the next morning we left from Islamabad at 6 o’ clock and traveled on the Karkorum Highway for first three hours until to Manshera and came on the Naran Kaghan road. My clients were surprised by hearing about such high pass with bus and shorter road than Karakorum Highway to reach Chilas. They were very happy to see the beautiful landscape of the beautiful valleys and stopped many times on the way to make pictures and movies on view point it was all enjoy able journey. We reached at Naran 2,800 meters and had our lunch at Moon Restaurant and enjoyed the typical Pakistani food in the lunch and appreciated my choice of the restaurant and got relax for few minutes.
  After the lunch we started our journey at 2:15 p.m, the scenery from here to the pass is really enjoyable along the crystal clear Khunhar River and views snowy top peaks and green meadows and blue lakes where mass of people were enjoying their holidays all along the way with water falls on the road and avalanches which are surprising for those people who have not seen the snow in their life.
We continued our journey towards the Babusar Pass stopped on Lulosar Lake for pictures which is beautiful lake on the way to this pass many people were there and the weather was clear with blue sky. We carried on our way to Chilas it was said moment when came close to the pass the changed strangely it started to snow with dark clouds it was about 5 o’ clock afternoon. We stopped for while on the pass and enjoyed the strong wind of the pass at 4173 meters it was an interesting moment for my clients. We descended down to Karakorum Highway in next one hour and got into our hotel in Chilas at 1400 meters where was beating hot at Chilas.
  We stayed night here and next morning we continued our journey towards Fairy Meadows and the Nanga Parbat North face base camp. We left at 8 o’ clock in the morning with the bus we had previous day and reached to Raikot Bridge the starting point to go to Nanga Parbat North face at around 10 o’ clock from where we hired jeeps to Tato a village before Fairy Meadows on a tiny bumpy rough road on the gorge looks very dangerous but the drivers are the champions of this road and reaches safely the village Tato and had our lunch in small hotel and prepared for the trek to Fairy Meadows  which is walk of two and half hours along juniper and birch trees with the magnificent view of Nanga Parbat and joining snow-capped mountains. We arrived at Fairy Meadow at 6 o’ clock great green meadows with huge trees of timber, juniper and birch. It was full of Pakistani tourist. It is a wonderful tourist resort at 3400 meters. We enjoyed the whole day very much, the jeep driving from Raikot to Tato was very interesting for my clients.
The next 30th July 2015, we had a day trip to the base camp we started by 7 a.m and walked along the huge forest on lush green meadows, there several clear springs all along the way and summer houses where the local people stay with their herds of cattle during the summer. We reached Bial camp after two hours and had some tea over there and continued towards the base two of my members were not felling well one of the member could not continued and stop on the one of the lady member continued up to the first view point and decided go back from here, but the four members very curious to reach to advance base camp at the altitude of 4,500 meters. We decide to return with this lady member and myself and one of the local person went with four members to their destination. By the evening at 7 o’ clock we got back to our hotel at Fairy Meadows it was still noisy with local tourist ( Pakistanis). It was again an interesting day and the weather was always with us. We could be able view the Nanga Parbat with moon light and enjoyed the whole trip very much.

Our next plan is to Mazino Pass will be posted in the next few days.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016