Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Ishkoman to Darkote trek

 Ishkoman to Darkot over Attar pass(4762m).
  It is an easy and Interesting four to six days trek. You can start this trek from either sites from Ishkoman or Darkot. From Ishkoman a village  is called Ghotolti at the end of the jeep road  a beautiful village with seventy houses with views of snow-capped capped peaks of Karka which gives joy to the mountains and nature lovers.
  You drive only four hours from Gilgit acrossing beautiful villages of Ghizar district along the Ghizar River that flows from Hindukush mountains. It gets very high during the summer and unbelievable lowcin the winter season. It of the greatest rivers in Pakistan for the people who are interesting in rafting, that starts from the highest polo ground in the world Shandur on the altitude of 3400 meters.
The best season to go on this trek is mid-May to Mid-October.
 Day 1 Ghotolti to Mathan Tir: It is an interesting of 4 to 6 hours trek with the views of white-tppoed peaks of 5000 to 6000 metres. You cross a huge rockfall and continue to Hundis. At about 3000 metres, Hundis is the highest winter village, surrounded by fields of barley but to high for fruit trees. The views North up the Mathan Tir Valley showed jagged peaks. There is bridge which to the west from the Village which leads to another trek to Darkot over Punji Pass of 3 to 4 days.
 You will follow to the North along the river of Mathan Tir passing through many huts with local people who spend their summer wiht cattle welcoming you with cup of tea if  you get close to their huts which is an interesting culture of mountain communities of the Northern Pakistan and it is a great opportunity to discover their culture and living standards. Most of the people like to go on such treks that adds to their joys of holidays. You pass  undulating Day-ugh juniper scrub with occasional cedar, pine and Rowan trees and whildrose bushes. You pass a couple of settlements high above the path and it is gentle walk to reach Mathan Tir a beautiful summer village with green ground camping site at the side of Attar river with clear spring water to drink and cook at about 3200 metres.

Day-2: Margin Tir to Attar lake
  It is a three to four hours interesting day of the trek crossing through very beautiful summer villages along the Attar valley. There is path under the shade birch trees and views of surrounding snow-capped mountains of the 6000 to 6600 metres waiting for Summit.and names because the local are not aware about the joys of Climbing land mountains and still many of them without names. Some of the Italian were here since the year 2000, and enjoyed Climbing on these amazing mountains and gave them new names and discovered their local names, still many of them are un-named and waiting for Summit. After walking of 4 hours you will reach Attar lake the locals call Barri(means big) a beautiful campsite with clear water at about 3700 metres. There are some summer huts about 500 mteres to the lake. It is wonderful place to have a rest day her and Explore around. There some rock climbing part s very close to the camping site.and enjoy if you have some of your holidays to enjoy more most people like to do it.

Day-3:  Attar lake to Jutbar.
It is your third day of this trek a smooth walk of 3 to 4 hours walking along the Jutbar stream flows from ice and snow of the mountains with colourful flowers all along the way. You will reach to grassy campsite with wild onions. The views of the mountains back and ahead give immense happiness of your holidays. If you are interested to do afternoon Climbing, it spot that you can do it here on 5000 to 6000 peaks near your camp. This campsite is at the hight of about 4000 meters.

Day-4 Jutbar to Bohrek across the Attar pass:
  The climb to the northeast to the top is a steep-allow 4 to 5 hours to reach to the top. The last part to reach the pass is a gentle approach and you reach to 4350 meters and view to both sides is amazing with sane landscape and it is a bit confusing some for the people and ask about it. Sometimes there are snow in the early or late in the season on the pass I mean if you are there around the month of May and at the end of September. With in a one to one and half hour you reach to a beautiful campsite of the Yasin side with clear spring and views of narrow valleys down. Your porters celebrate the success by running down towards the campsite and welcome to the other side of the pass.you will camp here on about 3800 meters with clear spring water and soft grassy campsite.

Day-5 To Darkot of Yasin Valley:
  It is an easy walk of about 4 to 5 hours down wards and come acacros the summer huts of Bohrek, Momosil and Willing Harang with people of Darkot as the people like in the Ishkoman will be very happy to see you and welcome you with tea and local dishes made of milk. You must not deney the offers, that is unique culture of the mountain communities of North Pakistan. After walking 3 hour you will reach to the beautiful village of Darkot the last village of Yasin Valley. It has about 350 houses.
  There are two other treks from here, the famous strategic Darkot pass  5575 meters to Broghil of a four days to Chitral or  Ghambar pass 4600 m of two days easy trek to Thoi. I will write them in the next post with detail.


  1. This trek seems as if it would certainly give a very authentic experience of Pakistan. The people sound very welcoming. Thank you for the insight - maybe we will visit some day.

  2. That would be the trip of a life time! How exciting. I would love to be able to take off for a month and do this.