Friday, 25 September 2015

Trekking in Pakistan

Trekking in North Pakistan is significant unlike any other part of the world. There are hundreds of trekking areas from a day interesting trek to  a month amazing treks. Some are very easy for all kind of people and some are difficult that need previous experience and acclimatization to go on. Every  kind of trek has its own dynamics, some long days treks are very easy to walk on lush green meadows and paths with superb views of tiny snow-capped peaks and some of the shoe treks are on glaciers moraine with difficult paths with views of high mountains. Some are along the shades of thick forests and some are in dry hot deserts. Now it depends on the choice of the people where and which kind of the areas you like to visit and enjoy their holidays or work on their research projects.I have great experience of my twenty years experience that anywhere I had visited always got positive comments on the places and the people who me they travel with. Anyway sometimes we faced challenges on the way we always felt them part of adventure. Trekking in the mountainous part of Pakistan is one of the great experience of the individual. Sometimes you don't see any human being along the way for days and sometimes you  come across many people along the way with unique cultures from village to village and valley to valley. Now again it is up to your choice what kind of trekking you wish to visit or suit your budget and potential. The main thing is the interest in what you are interested in, and whether you like to visit green parts of the earth or the mountainous part. The people on the mountains of Pakistan are always friendly, hospitable and welcoming travellers from the core of their heart. It is only the social media that presents the people of Pakistan in opposite direction. I assure if you want to visit North Pakistan feel free and safe to visit without any problem.


  1. Nice post. Thanks for sharing this informative post.

    1. Dear Ali,
      Thanks for your positive comments I would definitely continue to share this kind of comments but will take more time I have tough busy life now a days

  2. Hi Amin! Your trek definitely sounds like an adventure. No people for days??? While I've never thought of it as something I might do I'm actually open to lots of things so who knows? It is extremely reassuring to know that I would be welcome and to know I there is a guide available who could take me if the time comes. Thanks. ~Kathy

  3. Dear Kathy!
    Thanks for your great comments and I would be delighted to guide you on this trek by myself if you wish to visit us and enjoy the natural beauty of this landscape and experience the indigenous people of mountain communities of Pakistan.

  4. Dear all, I was pretty suffer for last few months and could not be able to write on my blog and start again and hope to tell you tell about beauty of the land of adventures Pakistan.
    Hope to hearing you continuously,