Wednesday, 20 May 2015

A brief Introduction of the Norther Areas of Pakistan

Sandwich between the high peaks of Hindukush, Karakurum on the North and Himalaya and those of Western Himalaya on South mysterious far-off land now called Gilgit Baltistan (Northern Areas) preserving the hoary human traditions in association with mountain fairies.
  The natural phenomena remained secret until geologists and geographers traveled to these to unlock the story of mountains, rivers, lakes formations and now the construction of Karakurum brought significant change and facilities for communication and human contact. In the backdrop of Himalaya, Karakurum and Hindukush live on in isolated valleys, and from the rest of the world, seeking livelihood out of mountain hazards, only moving during the summer seasons across high passes. The story of this little world is less known but not less interesting as it relates a land of utmost important to the history of man. In the words of E.F Knight ‘’here it is where, ‘’Three Empires Meet.’’ Now there are five states that have coverage on this land, Aghanistan, China, India, Pakistan and USSR.
  Throughout history, the surrounding world of man impinged into this mysterious land and left indelible impressions of its contacts on the people and their inaccessible habitat.  We have got many survivals of languages, cultures, civilizations that have been lost to this world. It is to the discovery of those lost human links that Northern Areas of Pakistan have now opened new approaches to history that is the world no doubt, less known but full of information for man.
  This is the region, which in the opinion of the geologists is the ‘’Meeting ground of the continents in collision’’. The Indo-Pakistan sub-continental mass emerging to integrate into the Eurossian continent of the north, resulting in the formation of ‘’Kohistan island arch’’ between Hindukush and Karakurum ranges in the north and Himalaya on South.Consequently that let to the creation of the high peaks of the world and closure to Tetheys Sea, having behind two main faults along the meeting line that allow the flow of the rivers, the mighty Indus along with its other tributaries, that flow through numerous gorges between Himalaya,    Karakurum, Hindukush and Sayoke between Himalaya and Karakurum and Himalaya beds. The region presents an interplay of high mountains and deep river beds and mountainous terrain.
Landscape and People of Northern Areas of Pakistan
I hope the readers will enjoy reading about the beautiful landscape and hospitable people of northern Pakistan, the ancient crossroads in the heart of Asia, as a land of soaring peaks and secluded valleys, of shimmering glaciers and flower-strewn alpine pastures, sky blue lakes and rivers with spectacular views of snow-capped white mountains. Yet these mountains world so remote that many of its numerous places  unexplored and invite explorers, discoverers, mountaineers trekkers and nature lovers to explore and enjoy the amazing beauty and grandeur of the landscape and hospitality of the people of diverse cultures and traditions. Along the way where you go to visit. The mountain communities of the Hinu Kush are really amazing showing there extraordinary hospitality welcoming the visitors with local dishes and inviting in their traditional small houses where you can eat and talk with the amazing people of the mountains(specially in the Hindukush) which is not found elsewhere in the world.
    We can fallow the footsteps of Alexander the Great, of the chines pilgrims, seeking scriptures in the golden age of Buddhism, or of the Britsh and Russians explorers, adventurers and spies of the legendary Great Game.
  I wish to share my personal experiences knowing most parts of the mountain passes and trekking routes where I have guided the people and who enjoyed and left their great accounts of wonderful memories of the trips. I have been recorded my personal experiences and vivid accounts of renown writers of the ancient travelers , explorers, mountaineers and researchers and  hope that I will not keep un touch any stone while writing for my blog  eager to share the beauty of my homeland with latest information.


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