Thursday, 7 May 2015

Explore Hindukush Pakistan

I pray I do not come regret having written this article.The information here opens up all of the valleys of Pakistan the especially of the Hindukush range to visitors,it invites them to discoverer for themselves to joy of the unspoiled,unvisited remoter areas of a beautiful landscape of beautiful country. I write this article with love, sharing my experiences and respect for the people who wish to explore and travel in the unvisitd areas with unique culture and traddions of the world.
  Travelling in Pakistan in the northern parts excites the imagination.It is one of the most rugged and isolated places on the earth.Here strategically close to the heart of the central Asia, is the hub of the greatest mountains chain. The Karakurum, the Himaliya the Hindukush and Pamir radiate out like spokes on wheel.
These mountains are the walls that from Pakistans long and the carefully guarded frontier with China, India and Afghanistan and across the narrow Wakhan corridor, the former Soviet Union. In no other parts of the world is there such confined space has a large number of high mountains(five over 8000 metres, more than one hundred 7000 metres and numerous over 6000 metres). And nowhere outside  of the Polar regions has longer or more spectacular glaciers over 40 km long.
This network of the snow capped peaks, striated glaciers and narrow mountain valleys housing resilient and hospitable people  culture and isolated languages.
The combination of hospitable people, isolation and magnificent mountain scenery has the attraction of the adventure lovers, the thirst of nature and explorers and strength to enjoy challenging walking.

Of the four mountain ranges, Hindukush has been the most remote and off the sights of the adventurers, trekkers, climbers and nature lovers and unmapped. Even today these mountains are less well explored than other comparable mountain ranges such as Karakurum and the Himaylia.Many peaks over 6000 metres are waiting for their names and show their challenge. Trekking in the  Hindukush region unique unlike thing in Karakurum and Himaylia.The trekking paths follow through the summer villages where the people warmly welcome the visitors with unique local dishes and you can also explore the culture and different traditions that are varied from village to village and valley to valley. you can come across the beautiful lush green meadows, sky blue lakes, clear clean springs, showering streams and spectacular white peaks.


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