Monday, 13 July 2015

Trekking in North Pakistan

North Pakistan-the ancient crossroads in the heart of Asia-is a land of soaring peaks and secluded valleys, of shimmering glaciers and flower-strewn alpine pastures. Yet most of its parts are unknown to interested people. I wish to unlock some of its beautiful and amazing places for the nature lovers to explore and enjoy their holidays. Today the beauty of north Pakistan invites the trekkers, mountaineers, explorers and adventure lovers to grandeur of their landscape and the hospitality of their people follow in the foot-steps of Alexander the Great, of Chinese pilgrims seeking scriptures in the golden age of Buddhism or of the British and Russian explorers.
  Mid-June to mid-September is the best time for trekking in the north of Pakistan. Passes over 5000 metres are best attempted mid- August and mid-September, lower treks usually open from mid-May to mid-October. There are many treks you can go in the month of May, but in some areas the camping will be on snow and cold at night, this is the reason that most of the people prefer to trek in these areas in the month of June an up to mid-September. In August the peak season the summer flowers in the pastures are in full blossom. In April, May September and October ordinary tourist usually visit in northern areas when the main Indus valley is not too hot and the trees are covered in spring flower blossom and autumn gold. About 70 percent of the annual rain falls of 202 millimetres fall between January and May.  The driest months of the year are June, September, October and November.
  The trekking North Pakistan is really amazing as compare to anywhere else. There are variety of treks from a week time to a month depends on your interest and time you like to spend and variety of landscape an easy walk on the lush green meadows or challenging glaciers and rocky moraines.
  The Northern Areas has three mighty mountain ranges, the Karakorum, Himalaya and Hindu Kush. The Karakorum is to the North connects with China, the Himalaya is to the South and the Hindu Kush is to the West connecting with the longest border of Afghanistan. All the mountain ranges have strategic importance in Pakistan, especially mountains and the mountain passes.
  The trekking and the landscape vary in each part from one another. The Karakorum and Himalaya treks are well known but the Hindu Kush is known by very few people in the world which has amazing treks and beautiful snow-capped mountains are waiting for explore by trekkers and mountaineers. I will try my best unlock the locks of this hidden and wonderful part of the for the nature lovers and warmly invite them and enjoy their holidays, with the hospitable mountain communities of the Hindu Kush range.
   I would like to write about all the trekking routes of North Pakistan but mostly the Hindu Kush because, there some of the most beautiful treks and mountains that are still remote and its passes have interesting historical stories of the invaders of the Sub-continent who used travel along these passes and ruled in the sub-continent for many years. Trekking and Karakorum and Himalaya have their own importance with the high mountains of over 8000 metres.
  While trekking in North Pakistan you can come across diverse culture and traditions different from valley to valley and village to village, that gives immense happiness to people and enjoy their trip. I wish to have more feedback comments by the readers of the blog who been any trek or climbing in the mountains north Pakistan that will add to my happiness if you add your experience. 


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