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Trekking Areas

Wakhan Corridor trek in the Hindukush Range
It is one of the greatest treks in Pakistan in the Hindukush range that connects the Northern Areas to Khyber Pokhtun Khawn province. It is wonder ful trek of two weeks along the Wakhan Corridor. This trek begins from the Village Yarkun Lasht the remotest village of Chitral district Of Khyber Pokhtun Khawn and ends in Chupursen in upper Hunza Gilgit Baltistan province.
  The trek starts from the Village where the jeep road ends from Chitral city where it takes 6 to 7 hours along the beautiful villages of  Boni, Mastuj, Brep and many other small villages. Half of the road is matalled and half is the bumpy rough dusty road with superb views of snow-capped mountains all arrond that adds to the joys of your holidays.
  Trek from Lasht to Khishmanja: 
It is an easy 4 to 5 hours walk along the Yarkhun river with clear path along the fields of barley and lush green areas. The people of the region are always friendly and your porters always ready to help you along the way where there is small stream to  cross too. You will enjoy this beautiful walk of four to five hour and reach to camping place call Khishmanja a place under shade of trees with clear stream a small village where 7 to 10 house holds are living. The people are simple speaking Wakhi language claim to be migrated from Wakhan welcome you to go the  camp warmly. They will be very happy of your visit to their small homes and offer you tea or some local dishes which is unique culture of the mountain communities of Pakistan. 
Khishmanja to Chickar/ Ishkarwarz:
  This is the second day of your trek you walk 6 to 7 hours along the Yarkhun River, with spectacular views of the Hindu Kush mountains most of them are below 6000 meters and below but they higher and beautiful. As I mentioned in the previous posts and that many of th m are still unclimed and named. Your way to Chickar is smooth and gentle and the altitude gets higher day by day. You will come me across very few small villages as the population is a little because of its harsh climate and being a backward part of Pakistan. You will reach to Chickar a beautiful campsite opposite Darkote pass (4550 m) will be given details in the next posts. Chickar is village at the altitude of 3400 meters with grassy carpeted campsite, my clients always say a luxurious campsite with natural unbelievable scenery. The people here are in a harsh co dition very fields of barley are there and most of the male used to outside of the Village to work such as places Gilgit and Chitral doing Labor jobs to survive.

  1. To the southeast the trek leads to the scenic Darkot pass(4575 m)I I will explain about this historical and interest pass in the next posts.

It will be Interesting day if you stay one rest day here and make a day hike of 6 to 8 hours to the Broghil Pass (3708 m) to have a look to Wakhan side, it is closed to cross to the other side.
Chickar to Lashkar gaz: or Dakot pass BC
  One of the most interesting day of this trek four to five hour mooth and easy walk along the Broghil River flows down from  Chaintir gand Zindikharam glaciers. As the previous day there very small villages along the way and see very fee people children and women mostly as I told earlier the men go to work outside of the Village. You will reach to Lashkar gaz a beautiful plain grassy flate place with about house holds. You will camp here and enjoy the  views of beautiful heart touching scenery at the altitude of 3600 meters.there are about eight houses along the leader of Broghil, the Mayyor whose family members living here. The villagers are very friendly offer you the tea as the villages of Hindu kush.
  Lashkargaz  to Korumbar Lake :
 This day is very interesting of four to five hours walk with the spectacular views the snow-capped peaks ahead and lush green meadows in the surrounding valleys. You come across the fields barley with permanent  settlements. The walk is smooth all the way and every few minutes you come to huge, lone huts or cluster of huts surrounded by fields of barley an spinach. On this day you will have a great view of Darwaza Pass (3880 meters) entry to the Wakhan Corridor and further hour bring you to the village of Lashkar Gaz which consist of about fifteen houses scattered over the plain with beautiful small ponds of spring water in the surrounding area.The villagers will welcome you on your arrival here and camp here. There is great walk up to the village for clear views ahead and back. I love the campsite at all you will enjoy the night too.
 Lashkar Gaz to Laly Ribbat: This is three to four hours easy walk of  the trek with great views of Zidhighram Pass and the glacier to the south, you come across the summer huts of the people from Broghil during the month of July and August people stay here with herds of goats and sheep. The path is smooth all the way and interesting with views of Darkot Pass to the south and Chiantir Glacier to the east and reach to the campsite of Laly Ribbat some summer houses with stone huts. People here are friendly as the previous villages gather around you the whole day. They have nothing to do there only looking after the animals the whole day from the houses. You will enjoy the night here 3600 meter. If you are not afraid of acclimatization you continue to the Korumbabr Lake another two to three hours walk.
Laly Ribbat to Korumbar Lake: Two to three hours very interesting smooth walk towards the Korumbar Pass and Lake. The herds of yaks, horses, goats and sheep are there all around.( If you wish to ride a horse or yak you can  hire here to enjoy riding). As the previous day there are stunning views of white peaks 5000 to 6000 meters, and green meadows add to the joy of your trip. After three hours walk you will be at the Korumbar Pass  at 4,200 meters, is a flat and marshy, with russet-colored pools draining into a small lake on Chitral side and the large Korumbar Lake on the Ishkoman side. there are couple of stone shelter for you porters to stay and flat grassy and softy camp site to stay here it is worth to stay more days on this spot if have enough time. A glaciated ridge of mountains forms a 5,700 m well hemming in the pass on the south, with shimmering ice tumbling in step down towards the pass.  The northern wall, its bare grey green slopes warmed by the sun, rises to the same height. Sometimes people stay more days  to enjoy climbing the surrounding mountains which no need permit to climb below 6,000 meter.
Korumbar Lake to Shuinji: 


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