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Trekking to Broghil over Darkot and Zindhghram passes(5575m)

Trekking Zindikhram Pass to Kurombar lake
It is another option from Darkot you can continue to Kurombar turning east from the Darkot pass. It is a wonderful walk up to the pass and superb views towards the Kurombar valley ahead and Darkot valley back. There is smooth walk of two hours from here to Zindikharam base camp and a wonderful campsite with crystal clear spring water and soft grassy ground at the hight of 4100 meters. The trek gives unbelievable joy as I have experienced with people here. I have always gotten positive feed back from the trekkers who have been here,

  Zindhghram summer village to Laly Ribbat;
This is smooth easy walk of 4 to five hours crossing the Zindhighram River and great views of the snow-capped beautiful peaks and Chiantir Glacier from the way up to the Kurombar valley. We will see the indigenous people of Broghil with their cattle all along the way and welcoming with local dishes of yogurt and milk in the cottages and the salty milk tea is traditional welcome drink of the area which amazing and fascinating. You will reach to a beautiful campsite of the Laly Ribbat summer village with small huts and superb views of the hills Wakhan Coreridor from the campsite. The night in this campsite is as like five sar hotel for the adventure lovers (quotations of the trekkers) at 3800 meters.

  Laly Ribbat to Kurombar lake
This is one of the  most amazing day of the trek of 3 to 4 hours easy walk to the Kurombar lake a paradise on the earth. The way is smooth on flat grassy land and you will come across clear spring water no doubt to say it mineral water the views of unbelievable scenery of the Kurombar peaks and  landscape all around. You  will reach to Kurombar lake with blue sky water at the altitude 4100 meters. the campsites are full of flowers and wild onions with breeze of the lake we don't have words to explain the wonderful sport on the planet Earth. It is worth to stay more days here to enjoy the real holidays.
  There some peaks above the lake with height of 5000 to 6000 meters. You can enjoy climbing them if you spare few days of your trip for this camp,there has been  great days of my life along with trekkers who climbed here.
  Kurombar lake to Shuinj:
    From here can follow down towards Ishkoman where the next campsite is Shuinj it is walk of 4 to 5 hours smoothly and gentle walk as the altitude decreases and feel more relex and amazing views of the Hindukush mountains all the way and you reach to the campsite, where there are few huts of the Gujar people of Ishkoman valley who spend their summer with goats and sheep. The altitude of the camp is 3600 meters and during the the temperature gets high if it is clear weather and by the evening falls incredibly. There are few huts and with wonderful soft campsite.
   Shuinj to Sokhtarabad
This another wonderful walk of 4 to 5 hours downwards on a gentle path to the campsite. This day you come across huge glaciers of Chitibiu on the way and one and half walk on white ice and sometimes on the moraine of it.and then again on the smooth way to the sokhtarabad a campsite with small trees and clear water,there are some summer houses of the people of Ishkoman valley and they are very friendly and welcome to there houses as the people Broghil will offer you local dishes in there home, which will give a new experience of exploring the living standards and traditions of the valley. The campsite is at the height of 3200 meters. The water here is warmer then up in the previous camps and you can wash you stuff and yourself here. At night your Porter will celebrate the night with songs and dances. You will have comfortable camp this night.
 From here you two options to go cross the 5600 meters Chilinji pass to Chupursen valley Gojal Upper Hunza and to Gilgit or of another four days trek or directly to Ishkoman and Gilgit of two days trek. Here I m going to describe towards the Ishkoman.
      Sokhtarabad to Warghut
  It is a trek of 3 to 4 hours to Warghut along the left bank of the Kurombar River and an easy way to reach to your next camp which is the height of 3000 meters with trees and fields barley are grown by the people in fvIshkoman. There some summer houses with people of Ishkoman who spend their summer here.
    Warghut to Matramdan
  This is the day you will reach in permanent village of Matramdan which is the last village Ishkoman with 25 households. The trek is easy 3 to 4 hours walk on the side of Kurombar River and gives amazing scenery to back and ahead a. The Village is at about 2900 meters with out jeep road, the life of the people here here in winter is too tough. The summer here may enjoyable for the villagers but they don't seem happy as I experienced. The campsite here is on grasy soft flate and views of the surroundings are unbelievable.
  Matramdan to Belhenz
  Belhenz is the village where the jeep road ends and it is four hours walk from Matramdan. You can continue directly to Gilgit having your last camping lunch at Belhenz and this is the end of this trek.
 I hope you will enjoy by reading it and wish to do it if you are a nature lovers
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