Saturday, 21 May 2016

Health information for travelers to Pakistan

As it says health is wealth. I would like to share my experience being guided foreign travelers on mountains of Pakistan. Before travelling you should be precautions about some of the health problems that you will face. There are health risks not encounter in Western and American countries. Because some parts of the country where people visit are undeveloped and there are not proper management of health services except first aid posts or somewhere an ordinarily experienced doctor will be find in the remote areas of Pakistan. Sometimes there can be seriously infectious diseases are common and need to be careful about them. Travelers staying in hotels in big cities and tourist on organized tours, face different health risks. There are no absolute rules to follow you will no often have to make your own judgment on the healthiness of your surroundings. With suitable precautions you should stay healthy.
  There are many well qualified doctors in Pakistan in the major cities but the quality of medical care and medicine diminishes when move towards the remote areas. If you are in a major city your embassy may be able to recommend a list of doctors.
 If you are a long way of a medical help, some self treatment may be needed and you are more than likely to find drugs with familiar names on sale. Always buy from a reputable source, and check date stamping. Vaccines in particular have much reduced self-life if not stored properly.
  Before traveling to Pakistan take out medical insurance from your country. See your doctor or travel clinic for anti-malarial advice and for vaccination. Make sure your health is good. Make dental check up ( I found most my clients with toothache problem). If you have long-standing medical problem such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart-trouble get advice from your doctor and carry sufficient medicine to last the full duration of your trip or holiday.
Vaccination and immunization
  If you require travel vaccinations see your doctor well in advance of your travel vaccination is best done early. Travel clinics may provide rapid courses and advice.
Vaccinations for the following diseases are very important before travelling Pakistan:
Typhoid, Polio, Tetanus, Hepatitis, Malaria and Tuberculosis. Children should in addition, be properly protected against diphtheria, mumps and measles.
It is not need to be bother that if travel you will have these diseases but need to be precautions about your health.  Vaccination before travel gives any one bitten more time to get treatment so, particularly helpful for those visiting remote areas and also prepares the body to produce antibodies quickly.

I hope you will enjoy reading this article and comment for further improvement. I am very much curious to know about travelling requirements. I always keep trying to share useful tips for the travelers to this country where I had experience in the field work being guided people on trekking and mountains. I am sure that health is one of the important factor in someones life and need to careful of it.


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