Tuesday, 24 May 2016

How to reach the land of beauties and adventures North of Pakistan Gilgit Baltistan

The landscape of Pakistan is one of the ordinary contrasts. To the North lies a mountainous region that features the great concentration of high peaks in the world, and the longest glaciers outside of the polar regions; to the South is vast rivers plains . The physical geography of Pakistan falls into two major regions, each form distinct geomorphic processes. The extensive flat plains of the Indus and its tributaries resulting from the disposition of sediments washed down  from the Himalaya; the mountains from the North and west produced by the action of the Indian plate that carries the ancient rocks of the sub-continent, sub-ducting beneath Eurasian landmass.
·        Northern Pakistan- the ancient crossroad in the heart of Asia is land of soaring peaks, shimmering glaciers, secluded valleys, flower-strewn alpine pastures, lush green meadows, blue sky lakes, crystal clear springs, falling fountains from the towering peaks, rivers, streams and its unique cultured hospitality of the people gives an eternal happiness of the life of the visitors of the Gilgit, Skardu,Hunza, Nagar Yasin, Ishkoman, Punial, Phundar, Chitral. All the villagers invite the visitors such as trekkers, mountaineers to discover the grandeur of their landscape and the hospitality of their people. The world’s most incredible, scenery, a fascinating mixture of ethnic populations, and some superb trekking and walking routes. The building of Karakorum Highway linked Gilgit Baltistan to the other cities and towns of Pakistan and with China is a great source of the development of northern areas and made it easy to reach someone’s chosen destination.
It gives me immense pleasure to say that, answer to the question, how to reach there has been very easy in this technological era that one click with a finger shows everything you wish to enjoy with. However, I wished to make it easier by writing in detail, where to go, stay and eat, with descriptions of the treks and travelling areas, that someone can go through and visit us and enjoy holidays or research in the beautiful part of the planet Earth. God has bestowed us all those natural beauties that we need to enjoy on this part of Pakistan and I am proud to say that there is nothing missing to enjoy our life. Once it was inaccessible for people to reach here and go to other parts from the places they used to live. Once there were travelling of weeks long have been changed to hours and hours into minutes, people used to travel with horses on foot, now travel with planes and cars, life became easier than earlier those people used to eat food of weeks long now there places in every movement gives fresh food to eat. There were no hotels to stay and eat travelers used to stay in caves and under stone shelter in the freezing winters and burning summers’ days.
 The source of communication was unavailable, the news of emergencies had taken times of weeks and months. There were no medical facilities anywhere in the North. Most of the people were passing away of small treatable sicknesses but now huge serious sicknesses controlled in every part of north Pakistan. People used to travel for long distances to have single dose of peel, but now there are facilities of serious surgeries. It is surprising to say that it developed so quickly which is unbelievable for the people who have visited here some ten or fifteen years ago for trekking, climbing, research and other purposes. The transportation to the villages and the places from where treks start was awful in old broken jeeps on bumpy rough roads have been made metal and the time has been shortened to anywhere with comfortable modern vehicles. The basic supplies were not available in the villages except main cities of Gilgit and Skardu, but now they are available wherever you go (even in K2 base camp you can buy some very basic materials). You can travel easily of your own except some of the restricted areas which need permit and with an organized agency.
I will provide you the information with detailed description of travelling how to reach to your chosen destination to enjoy holidays, work or any other purpose. I would be glade of your positive comments and feedback to improve in my knowledge and make more interesting the articles I write.
 I hope you will enjoy reading it.


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