Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Pakistan a land for Adventure lovers

I am proud to write about my beautiful country and invite people to explore and enjoy the natural beauty on part of  this planet. It is sure that God has bestowed this land with unbelievable beauty, it welcomes to the nature and adventure lovers to enjoy their holidays with diverse culture and amazing landscape. The beauty of the landscape with its history stretches to the very beginning of the human civilizations and spans numerous empires. Each has left its legacy, the great Indus Valley Civilization cities of Mohenj Daro and Harappa, the beautiful sculpture of Bhudhist Gandhara, the shirines and mosques of early Muslims pilgrims and invaders, the magnificent monuments of the Mughals and the colonial architecture of the British. But brace yourself also for an emerging dynamic Pakistan, responding as rapidly and diversely as any other country to the challenges to the approaching millennium. The country developing rapidly with this technological development and it adds to the beauty of the country and facilities for the tourist are improving such hotels for accommodation, transport for travel and mobile services for communication from every remote part of the country are available and the hospitality of the people the country cannot be compared to any other country in the world.
The media paints bloody picture of violence, danger and fanaticism by exaggerating little thing. But prepare yourself rather for a lesson in human warmth, generosity and hospitality.  Pakistan is one of the safest countries in Asia to travel.  You are far more likely to find yourself accepting endless invitations to stay or eat in people’s houses. The sheer diversity of the people s’ culture and traditions meanwhile make travelling in Pakistan a continually fascinating experience.
 Every paints a picture of stunning natural beauty and almost unbelievable range of landscape, and environments mighty rivers, huge deserts, fertile plains, thick forests and towering mountains. And for once nobody has got it wrong. Mountaineers were among the first to discover the full glory of Pakistan magnificent Karakurom, Hindu Kush and Himalyan ranges. Trekkers followed in increasing numbers, and today the modern technology with spectacular feats of engineering pushed roads through these breathtaking mountains opening them up to all. Over all in the country North Pakistan is an amazing part to visit and spend holidays over here if you are a nature lover and an explorer or an adventurer. Most of all it is a country full of surprises travelling through the remotest backward and people will welcome to visit their homes and offer local dishes with milk tea and bread.
 Most of the trekkers and climbers enjoy the local dishes and the culture of these remote regions, especially if they are on a trek or on the way to climb a mountain people along the way accompany them and ask for help such as to carry their bag, sometimes people afraid of it if they are doing something wrong but is a tradition of the hospitable people of the North Pakistan even this tradition is everywhere in the country. It has been long tradition that the people of the mountains never care of to serve someone for a day or some hours of the day. It is surprise to say that once I found a French girl got an accident near Rakaposhi base camp was on a trek with her German boy friend and had severe injury and was not able to walk. There were some who made wooden stretcher by joining sticks and carried her down for whole day and brought her to the jeep road. There was German couple with me it was something unbelievable for them and surprise.    


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