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Yasin to Chitral over Thui and Shah Janali Pass to Rich Valley of Chitral

·        An interesting 10 days open zone trek
This trek could be started from either sides from Yasin or Rich from Chitral. The drive from Gilgit to Yasin to the starting point of Thui pass takes 4 hours and from Chitral to Rich takes 6 hours along the beautiful villages of Chitral and Yasin valleys with spectacular views and stopping points on the way to eat and take rest.
This is an easy interesting trek of  8 to 10 days in the Hindu Kush range. The best season to go on it from June to October, enjoy the landscape and meeting local communities along the way and Explore about their ways of living, culture, and traditions. These experiences add to the joys of your holidays as I have experienced during my guiding. The people are friendly and helpful always. It gives amazing scenery of the snow-capped mountains all along the way welcoming the climbers to Explore them and be the first ones most of them are unclimbed yet.
 The treks takes a week time from Islamabad to Islamabad.
   The trek starts from Nalti Thoi a village at the altitude of 2600 meters with 150 houses holding eight members in average in every household.
 Nalti to Lasht 3 to 4 hours.
The walking starts on jeep road up to one hour and then on clear path along the Thoi River with amazing scenery ahead with the views of Thoi 1 6600 meters. After a 3 hours walk you will reach to summer village lasht with clear spring water and soft grassy campsite. Your porters will celebrate the evening with camp fire singing songs. you will have great stay night here.

Lasht to Sholtalling 3 to 4 hours t ice and some parts on the rocky moraines of the glacier your guide will take care of you of the crossing some of the wide crevasses on the glacier.Soon after crossing the glacier you will be in the campsite of Gashuchi a nice camp site with mountain onions around the campsite as the name of the place Ghashu for onions in the local language Brushaski which is spoken by the people of Yasin and Hunza. The campsite is at the altitude of  4100 meters you may feel a bit cold after the sun set and before the sun rise in the morning.I hope you will enjoy the scenery of the valley which gives amazing views backwards the valley you come up.

Gashuchi to Golpigal 6 to 7 hours
  The most interesting day of trek that you are going to cross the Thui Pass 4999 meters and get into another region Yarkhun Valley an amazing valley of Chitral district KPK(N.W.F.P).
   This day will be little hard for you until to reach the pass you have to climb about 500 meters from the campsite on a steep way along the grassy path in the first two hours with superb views of the white peaks of the both sides of the pass and the on the rocky path close to the. \\\if you are lucky to have clear weather for the views from the pass is incredible. From the pass you are descending to the campsite of Golpigal which is wonderful campsite with clear spring water to drink and wash. dYou will have comfortable stay night after long day walk as I experienced in the past.

Golpigal to Gazin or directly to Chitral 3 to 8 hour  
  This is the last day of your wonderful trek you can stay in Gazin after 3 hours smooth walk or either can continue to Mastuj or Chitral town from Golpigal you have options here to enjoy more of you holidays in the Yarkhun valley or in the historical city of Chitral. There many amazing trekking and climbing opportunities you can enjoy. You can also go to Gilgit by Shandur Pass on a bus with your special transport or drive to Peshawar over Laworri Pass/t annul. If you wish fly from Chitral and lucky enough with the weather you can do it.

 This day gives immense joy to the nature lover to walk along the river which is called Mushibar River is the name of the valley, it flows down from Keronbar to the east and Qalandargum and Gashuchi glaciers you will have gigantic views of the both of the glaciers next day of your trek. The path is smooth along the juniper and birch trees and with grea.t views of snow-capped peaks ahead the valley. You will reach to the campsite Sholtalling a place with stone shelter and grassy campsite with superb views of the valley that adds to the joy of your holidays.

Day-6 Gazin to Yashkist:
An easy walk of four to five hours on jeep road along the Yarkhun River takes you to the village of Yashkhist the camp site for your trek Shah Janali Pass. The villagers are unbelievable hospitable. Many people will gather around you and help you for setting up your camp pitching the tents and invite you to their traditional homes and offer the local dishes you must taste them to encourage their hospitality. The view from here towards the Kurumbar and Darkot Pass is heart touching. You will camp at 3,100 meters.
Day-7 Yashkist to Ishperu Dok:
There are six to seven hours walk ascending up to the campsite about 800 meters along the Ishperu Dok stream flows down from the hills above. There are superb views up and back the villages of Yarhkun from all along the way and snow-capped white towering peaks of Hindukush. You will cross the stream on bridges and reach to wide flat meadow with spring water campsite at 3,900 meters. Ishperu Dok (means white hillside) is a large summer settlement of the Yarkhun and there are about ten to twelve huts where the women stay with their herds of goats and sheep. The men guard the herds and women milk mornings and evening, making butter inside the huts. You will be welcome by the shepherds on your arrival and offer you yogurt milk and butter. You can visit inside the huts and experience the living standard of the people on such places for long summer months in a very simple ways, it is an amazing experience for the people who live in the towns of Pakistan and foreigners who have luxurious living standard. You will enjoy the camp here.
Day-8 Ishperu Dok to Janali Gari crossing the pass:
Five to six hours exciting day of your trek. You will start your day climbing up towards the pass with spectacular views and flowers along the way on white sandy ridge with views to north of granite spires of Chapkar peak (5,804 meters) a mountain scarred by black rubble strewn glacier running of it. The surrounding hillsides are overgrazed pastures and countered by goat paths, the herds of horses, cattle, goat and sheep are here from Yarkhun Valley. You will reach the pass a green flat gentle area polo ground of the king that gives the name of the pass ( 4,259 meters) with several lakes around. You can enjoy the views from here the white towering mountains of Hindu Kush, if you are lucky having good weather on this day and worth to spend more time, I usually stop for lunch here during my trek. It is paradise on earth the most beautiful spot in Pakistan as I have seen other parts of the country.
From the pass, it is gentle descending towards the camp of Janali Gari, a deserted shepherds’ settlement with three stone circle beside a clear stream fringed by few willow bushes, you camp here and enjoy the night at 3,700 meters.
Day-9 Janali Gari to Dhershal:
 Four to five hours trek, this is a beautiful walk through knee-high grass and flowers and across plenty of side streams surrounded by groves of willows with the Shah Janali River well below on your right, you will reach in a summer settlement people from Rich village stay here in the month of June and move up in July. There are some shepherds’ huts sat in a flat pasture surrounded by birch trees at 3,350 meters, a wonderful camp site it is worth to have a rest day if you have time to be relaxed. There are fine views down to the valley.
Day-10 Dhershal to Rua
Five to six hours trek of the last of your trek. The walk is along the south of Shah Janali River in the juniper bushes, steadily goes down. While going if there is a clear weather this will be hot day because the land here barren, across stones and scree along the west bank of the Rich River about two hour the village Rua. On the way there are views ahead to the North is mountain wall of 6,000 meters high, blocking the way to Afghanistan.
Rua is the last village of Rich valley it takes six to seven hours by jeeps to Chitral. There is good camping site with clear water and your jeeps will arrive by the evening of your arrival either you can manage to leave to Chitral by the same day if you have already planned it. Mostly we use to stay the night here and move to our next destination by the next morning. The travelling from here to Chitral is amazing passing through different villages of Rich Valley with distinctive cultures and traditions. 

 I hope you will enjoy reading about this wonderful trek, if you wish to visit here you can contact on my mail and enjoy going on this trip.


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