Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Terichmir Expedition 2016

It gives me an immense pleasure writing this article about the permission of Khyber Pukhtoon Khan Government and the Ministry Tourism Pakistan to the French and Russian climbers to climb Terichmir 7,708 meters, the highest mountain in Hindukush range Pakistan. It was closed for last many years and restricted (that needed permit to go there). Now it has been not only allowed the climbers to go there but also considered it as an open zone. I would like to pay my warmest gratitude to both of the above mentioned concerned authorities being part of tourism industry especially the only one living in this mountain range and hope to do the same for the other trekking routes and mountains that are still in the restricted zones unnecessarily.
12-06-2016 Islamabad: I picked the two very young French climbers who arrived at Islamabad airport on 12th June 2016 by 4:00 am to scale the highest peak in Hindukush which is an encouraging moment for the tourism concerns. I brought them to a guest house in Islamabad and they had rest for few hours. We went to shopping around Islamabad and every Pakistani who met them welcomed warmly and offered drinks where we went  and it was surprising for them w because as they told me every one in France says that it is dangerous to go to Pakistan and the people not good.
 In the after-noon we went sightseeing around the capital city, it was very interesting and amazing for the visitors and they enjoyed the natural beauty of Margala Hills in Islamabad and the way of behaving of the people during this period, every moment they were saying that why it has been advertising such a wrong way in Europe. We came to the guest house in the evening and they met some people from the weather fore cast for updates during their climbing and was always positive response for them. It was also encouraging for the climbers and impressed by their cooperation.
13-06-2016 Islamabad to Chitral: It was an interesting day we flew to Chitral by PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) via Swat and Lawari Pass. The weather was completely clear and we could be able to see the valleys below us and interesting view of beautiful villages and snow covered peaks of Hindu Kush. My clients were happy to have this flight of 55 minutes from Islamabad to Chitral. It took off by 11:25 a.m and arrived at Chitral airport by 12:20 p.m. A jeep driver picked us from the airport came to Terichmir Hotel from where is the magnificent view of Terichmir, then we went to the foreigners registration office, the people over there welcomed the climbers and cleared the paperwork quickly without any arguments it was an encouraging for all of us. There has been amazing changes and flexibility for the foreigners unlike some of the previous years, this was an impressive moement too for me and the climbers. We visited to the Chitral bazzar everyone there welcomed the climbers and the people here are friendly and hospitable as the clients’ comments. These all added to joy of the clients.
14-06-2016 Chitral to Terich Sha Grum: This morning we set off towards Sha Grum which is the last village of Terich Valley from where the trek starts to Terichmir. We left at 7 o’ clock in the morning and reached at the village at 2 o’ clock in the afternoon driving through the beautiful villages of Terich Valley with scenic views of white towering beautiful mountains of Hindu Kush Boni Zom 6551 meters, Istoro Nal and many others that give unbelievable joy to our trips. Although the road is rough and bumpy but it is part of an adventure. My clients were very happy and enjoyed a lot on this day saying that this is one of the greatest memories of our life to be here and enjoy the real natural beauty of the landscape. When we arrived at the guest house the people of the village warmly welcomed us and they hospitable and friendly. We arranged our porters for the trek to Terichmir we had some problems to find porters because of the month of Ramadan they were afraid of carrying and walk but we made them agree by making the weight lower than the rule and paying as they demanded, because there was not any other option for us. We stayed in the guest house at 2,900 meters.
15-06-2017 Sha Grum to Shinyak trek: Five hours walk. We were expecting to leave very early this morning because it gets very hot on the way, but our porters couldn’t get ready early because of Ramadan and their preparation for the trek. We left at 9 o’ clock from the village it was very hot but on the way got some clouds and there are tree shades along the way that made us able to enjoy our day. The trek is very interesting with superb views of mountains and passing through beautiful summer villages all along the way. We arrived at Shinyak at 2 o’ clock a beautiful campsite under the birch trees and with crystal clear spring water on and softy ground to sleep at the altitude of 3,400 meters. Our porters were very strong without eating and drinking on such a hard walk they managed to make it, and they are unbelievable helpful and cooperative. After arriving there they went back to the summer village an hour walk to stay night because there summer houses and ration for them. We spent the night there it is believable to say that it was warmer than the village where we stayed the previous night.
16-06-2016 Shinyak to Shoghor Basing: It was an interesting walk of a five hours with superb views of the Terichmir group of mountains. We got up at 3 :30 a.m as our porters told us to be ready by 4 o’ clock this morning because they have their breakfast at 2:30 a.m and start to have fast as they wanted to walk early before getting hot. The first one hour walk of the day was hard on the beginning of the moraine of the Terichmir glacier and then we got up to the white glacier which is really smooth walk of three hours and the last twenty minutes are the same as the beginning while crossing the glacier. We reached to a nice camp site with nice spring water and full of beautiful flowers and spectacular views of the surrounding mountains. We arrived here by 9:30 a.m after five hours. Our porters decided to move to the next camp in order to make it short for the next day. We were happy of this idea and took rest up to 1 o’ clock that was the time we wish to start, but by the time the changed their mind and decided to stay here. We got in suspension because they decided leave by 3 o’ clock in morning. My clients decided to leave with our stuff and they would come in the next morning. We set off from there with one porter by 2:30 p.m and it was unbelievable hard walk of four hours on the moraine of the Terichmir Glacier as we were expecting of two hours. It took us four hours to get to the Istoro Nal base camp at the altitude of 4,400 meters. One of the members felt headache because of altitude. We had our dinner and went to sleep; I was not feeling well too I had a severe pain in my right side (kidney).
17-06-2016 Istoro Nal Base Camp to Babu Camp (the last day of the trek): It is amazing that the porters who were in the previous camp arrived by 1 o’ clock at night as they started by 9 o’ clock after eating in the evening a surprising moment because the way to here is really hard on the steeps of the moraine with moving rocks when you step on it was a big risk they had taken, but luckily all got there without any problem. As the decided to move towards the next last camp after having their breakfast by 3 a.m it was not acceptable for me to awake my clients such early and refused it. Any way they had their breakfast by the usual time and waited until 4 o’clock and awake the members by their selves and asked them to leave, but one the members was not feeling well and told them that could go with the language and drop at the base camp whether they will leave later because it was a short walk of two hours to get there, I also decided to go back with the porters and get to a doctor about my sickness. The porters left by 4 o’ clock and came back to the camp at 7 a.m. The members and I decided for me to return from here. Babu Camp is paradise on for mountains and adventure lovers, You get in the heart of mountains, a nice campsite with clear spring water flowers started to grow now. It would be windy sometimes as it is at the height of  4700 meters.
 We walked all the way back to the village and arrived by 6:30 p.m at the village. I stayed night over there and came back to Chitral and directly consulted to doctor, he observed me and diagnosed that I have problem in kidney, suggested me some medicine and advised me a rest of a week and can go back if I wish or need to go. Hopefully I would go back with the Russian group is coming to climb Terichmir too and join the expedition. Adventure is fun for me and I love to go on mountains. 


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