Thursday, 18 June 2015

Clothing and Equipment for trekking in Pakistani

Trekking in Pakistan is not like elsewhere in the world. There are different kind of areas with different climate and weather condition. Trekking and mountaineering equipment  depend on your own trekking styles, the time of the year you go and the length, altitude and difficulty of the trek. Though and preparations are required, as to a little or inadequate equipment is not only a discomfort but a potential danger and too much is expensive to proper and may be difficult to shift to the start of the trek. Obviously those carrying their own packs should take only the essentials those porter pack animals, however, can afford to take a few luxuries. If you go the very start or end of the season (June or October) you need warm and waterproof gear more than if you go in August. For one or two day hike, you need no more equipment than you would take on a walk of similar length at home, but for long trek much more comprehensive list is required. Generally the higher you go, the colder nights are and if you plan a walk for any length of time above the snow-line waterproofs are essential.
   Most of the equipment are available in second-hand shops around Gilgit, Skardu and Chitral. You can buy the equipment
 and they are not as expensive as you buy in your own countries. There are options to sell them back at the same shops at the end of the trip.
   The first and the most important for trekking is walking boots are worth spending considerable time and money getting right, as uncomfortable feet are misery on a trek as I experienced during my trekking. Generally you get what you pay for but a good sales person should be able to tell you the real value of the things you are going to buy. Boots must have plenty of ankle support and sole rigid enough to take the sharp edges of the rocks with ease. A Goretex lining though not necessary, is very good if you can afford it, as it keeps your feet dry when walking through wet grass or shallow streams. Unless you plan to do any technical trek or climbing double lined plastic  boots are suitable for attaching crampons are not necessary.


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