Monday, 1 June 2015

Self Organised Trek in Pakistan

Self-organising your own treks entails getting yourself to the village closest to your chosen trek and hiring porters on the spot. A matter speaking English is essential because you can find someone in the village can speak little English and understand your message. This is our usual style unless our trek takes on to a difficult glacier for which we need an expert guide with mountaineering experience.
  For beginners, it is advisable to hire a guide as well, but finding a good one can be a problem.  As there is no guides association in Pakistan there is no special training or exam to pass you can trekking agencies to recommend a freelance guide or you ask around in hotels in Skardu, Gilgit, Hunza and Chitral  .If you are lucky, you may find an experienced guide who is between jobs for one of the bigger agencies.  You want someone who can tell you what equipment and food to take with you and may even fill you in on the costumes and folklore of the area. You may also need him suggest
    Trekkers with experience and confident can trek without the guide, as local porters usually know they had worked with someone, though, most have now to show you living nothing to go on but instinct. If your porter turn out be good give letters of recommendations for future use. You must be aware of rules and regulations for hiring of porters that has been set up by the ministry of tourism Pakistan.

      Pakistani trekking agents arrange trek either by mail or after arrival in Islambad, Rawalpindi, Skardu, Gilgit and Chitral. In Gilgit or Chitral again getting a good guide is the secret to success. Even those employed by some of the agencies vary enormously incompetent. It is best to quotes from several companies to find out exactly what they provide in the way of porters, food equipment and what experience they have.
  Although, using a local agent is more expensive than organising a trek by yourself, it still leaves you free to your itinerary and change it, if necessary, as you go along. It also relieves you of the worry of finding a guide and porters, as well as the expense of buying equipment that you never use it again.
   At last I would recommend to travelling with an experienced guide adds to the joy of your holidays and make you relax. You need not  worry about the safe places, clean water for use and many other things that you need during the trekking could be arranged
by your guide. You will have more information and know about the area. Most of the treks in North Pakistan are along the valleys with full of diverse culture and traditions you can explore it asking from you guide.


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