Thursday, 23 July 2015

Karakorum Highway the eighth wonder of the world

  To the North of Pakistan lie the Northern Areas a mountainous
region containing some of the world’s most incredible scenery, a fascinating mixture of different ethnic populations and some superb trekking and climbing routes. The building of the road through the region- the Karakorum Highway linking Pakistan to China has opened up a spectacular overland route between the two countries, passing through some Pakistan's most beautiful mountain areas, and providing onward access to Central Asia’s historic cities. The opening this route to foreigners in 1986 provides adventure travellers, with the opportunity of the unique and exhilarating adventure travel experience.
  The best time to visit Northern Pakistan on the Karakorum Highway is the exact opening and closing time of the Khunerab pass(4,7 00 m) and China are weather independent, though it is officially opened 1st May 30th November. By that time areas such as Hunza are at their colourful shape, in spring (April) and autumn (October), when the trees are at their most colourful. The main tourist season is the summer June to September, although July can get very hot if you visit in the lower parts of Northern Areas and in the Indus canyon and raining September can lead to landslides and blockages on the KKH. July and August are the main trekking and climbing months of the year.
   In its lower reaches, the Karakorum Highway passes through districts such as Hazara and Kohistan that infect administratively part of Khyber Pokhtun Khwan province. However these regions form part of a natural route along the highway, the editorial logic is to include in this Karakorum Highway and Northern Areas chapter. Excursion and diversions to valleys off the main highway are dealt with at the relevant departure point from the Karakorum Highway.
  Further since the history, geography culture of the huge area dealt with this huge chapter is highly fragmented with these issues will often be dealt with separately at the relevant stage of the journey through the region.

 The journey through the Karakorum Highway has its own wonderful experience along the mighty River Indus the road always runs along it that adds to the beauty the Karakorum. Although, it is terrible and fearing for the people, who travel for the first time and is enough once in a life. If you are interested to visit more than once to the North of Pakistan there very few chances to fly from Islamabad to the Northern Areas because the flight depends on the weather and very few seats are available in the plane. You need to prepare yourself for the travel of 24 by Karakorum Highway. Very few like and feel enjoy travelling by it. There is no any option if you will not have a chance to fly to Northern Areas. 


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