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Trekking in Hindu Kush Pakistan

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Hindu Kush offers some of the best trekking in Pakistan. Some of the wonderful trekking in Hindu Kush areas dominates the Northern Areas and KPK formerly NWFP are truly spectacular. There are opportunities to cover all tastes and inclinations with everything from easy a day-walks to demanding treks up to four weeks or more. For the climbers here is heaven.
  It offers endless and spectacular opportunities for trekking. It is one of the least visited mountainous a part of Pakistan. There are many treks as compared to Karakorum and Himalaya but only few unknown by the people even the tour agency do not have a clear idea to sell this region for the interested who wish to visit. The unfortunate reason of the area has not a mountain of eight thousand metres there, but there are many beautiful mountains above 6000 m and the Tirichmir 7,780 metres the highest mountain in Hindu Kush. Many of the mountains here still unclimbed and are waiting for discovering. There are many peaks below six thousand meters along the valleys you can climb during the trekking sparing some days in your plan, that adds to the joy of your holidays and trek. I have seen many people interested  climbing such kind of speaks during my guiding.
  Yet the potential of this region remained for the most part undiscovered.  With the exception of one or two treks Darkot Pass, Thoi Pass and Karumbar Pass. Trekking in Hindu Kush is generally completely free of crowds and pollution.
  The days when the Russian invaders set up to capture North Pakistan used the mountain routes and mapped the region and made their ways to reach here, but those maps are rarely found and people don’t have access to the trekking of Hindu Kush. The region is full of adventure and excitements and now I would like to unlock the hidden beauty on the planet.
  Aside from the natural beauty of the landscape and the peaceful, unspoiled environment offers, perhaps the most rewarding aspect of trekking in Pakistan is contact brings with the people who inhabit this beautiful land.
  Trekking in Hindu Kush is complemented by a fascinating variety of cultures; by moving from one valley to the next, it is often possible to see complete change in traditions, cultures, language, lifestyles and ethnic origin of the people. Most treks in Hindu Kush are crossing pass from one valley to the other unlike any other treks in North Pakistan.  Secondly the wonder experience is the discovering the people along the trek because you come across summer houses along the trek where local people always welcome to visit their homes and offer local food milk tea. It one of the great opportunity for the visitors to discover the lifestyle of the people and their culture. It is very important encourage the householder by accepting their offer of tea and local dishes without any payment, because it is the unique culture and traditions of the mountain communities of North Pakistan. The people here are friendly, helpful and peaceful, you need to be afraid of them at any time even you alone.
  Indeed, any step by step description of every trek will be posted in the in the next posts with clear and up to date information. I will always be there to reply your questions. Your suggestions and comments will add to my knowledge. Feel free to contact me. I will be always there to reply.
  There is a huge variety of treks in Hindu Kush more than 20 fascinating trekking routes. Choosing the right trek is extremely important. Most obviously, the trek you undertake should match your level of fitness; unless you are fairly fit and used to walking, setting off on a long, hard trek is likely to be an exhausting experience, and so not particularly enjoyable. Acclimatization is very important before going on the strenuous trek. Trekking in Hindu Kush has the solid benefit of such things most of the treks here always start with low altitude and gradually reach to the high passes to cross.


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