Wednesday, 20 July 2016

French climbers on the top of Hindu Kush

The brave young  climber approaching the summit of the  highest peak of Hindukush the Terichmir (7708 m).

The climbers reached at Chitral on 13th of June 2016, It was surprising for the local people that after a long period of time there was no one to take the name of this mountain. The climbers have been lucky throughout this trip to fly to Chitral and having clear blue sky during the trek to the base camp having good views of the white towering peaks of Hindu Kush which is magnificent.They enjoyed the whole trek to reach to the base camp at the altitude of 4,700 meters in two long days of walking ( I would suggest to have 3 days of trekking to the base camp) and it is an interesting point that they had previous experience of being the highest point on Mount Blanc but here the base camp is as that height. It was unexpected for me that they would reach to the summit of the Highest mountain of Hindu Kush with this previous experience I really appreciate there great courage, struggle and enthusiasm to be on the top of Terichmir and they did it on 9th July 2016. They were very happy to be here with the organization of our agency ( the Adventure Tours Pakistan) of the whole logistic support and organization. In the first week they climbed some of the surrounding peaks of 6,000 meter peaks for acclimatization there first attempt was Gul Lasht Zom of 6,400 meters one of the beautiful peak. They climbed up to 6,200 meters but to much snow forced them to return back from this point but it was great effort. Secondly, they spent 5 days to reach to Camp 3 adnd returned back to the base camp and had a rest of three days and thirdly  climbed Dir Gol Zom 6,300 meters. In the third week they reached to the summit of the Terichmir which was their aim of the trip. We spent almost four weeks in these mountains with great weather.
  About their experience to climb this mountain is the right time is the month of June, to avoid the dangers of huge crevasses to approach and climb Terichmir.
 With this successful trip we set off back from the base camp on 13th July 2016 and reached to Shagrom the last village in a long day walking ( again better to do it in two days) because it exhausting doing it in one day.
 On 14th July we drew to Chitral on the way back of 6 hours along the beautiful villages of Terich valley. It was a great trip as the comment of the clients. Luckily we got the plane to Islamabad by 6 o' clock in the evening an unexpected flight of experience of my life from Chitral because the weather was not favorable this day again I found these people very lucky, and had been always positive to every situation and we enjoyed the whole trip.
(Dir Gol Zom 6,300 meters)

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