Friday, 19 August 2016

Nanga Parbat trek 2016

I had group of six members from Bulgaria for the trip of Around Nanga Parbat over Mazino Pass 5399 meters and Sargalio Band Pass 5140 meters.
They arrived at Lahore Alama Iqbal International Airport and visited the historical sites of Lahore which has great ancient history and some of the great Mughal historical buildings and sites in the city. The arrived by the same night to Islamabad and we had a great dinner at the Kabul Restaurant Islamabad and planned for the next day to continue to Chilas over Babusar Pass 4173 meters bus able pass along the beautiful valleys of Naran and Kaghan which is amazing part of the country with many of tourist resorts lakes, rivers, mountains green thick forest worth to visit and that adds to the joy of travelling along on this road. During the there are thousands of domestic tourist who travel from the hot low towns and cities to avoid the hottest months of June and July and mostly the educational institutions have holidays during these months. Sometimes, there is traffic jams and hotel rooms are occupied.  By the next morning we left from Islamabad at 6 o’ clock and traveled on the Karkorum Highway for first three hours until to Manshera and came on the Naran Kaghan road. My clients were surprised by hearing about such high pass with bus and shorter road than Karakorum Highway to reach Chilas. They were very happy to see the beautiful landscape of the beautiful valleys and stopped many times on the way to make pictures and movies on view point it was all enjoy able journey. We reached at Naran 2,800 meters and had our lunch at Moon Restaurant and enjoyed the typical Pakistani food in the lunch and appreciated my choice of the restaurant and got relax for few minutes.
  After the lunch we started our journey at 2:15 p.m, the scenery from here to the pass is really enjoyable along the crystal clear Khunhar River and views snowy top peaks and green meadows and blue lakes where mass of people were enjoying their holidays all along the way with water falls on the road and avalanches which are surprising for those people who have not seen the snow in their life.
We continued our journey towards the Babusar Pass stopped on Lulosar Lake for pictures which is beautiful lake on the way to this pass many people were there and the weather was clear with blue sky. We carried on our way to Chilas it was said moment when came close to the pass the changed strangely it started to snow with dark clouds it was about 5 o’ clock afternoon. We stopped for while on the pass and enjoyed the strong wind of the pass at 4173 meters it was an interesting moment for my clients. We descended down to Karakorum Highway in next one hour and got into our hotel in Chilas at 1400 meters where was beating hot at Chilas.
  We stayed night here and next morning we continued our journey towards Fairy Meadows and the Nanga Parbat North face base camp. We left at 8 o’ clock in the morning with the bus we had previous day and reached to Raikot Bridge the starting point to go to Nanga Parbat North face at around 10 o’ clock from where we hired jeeps to Tato a village before Fairy Meadows on a tiny bumpy rough road on the gorge looks very dangerous but the drivers are the champions of this road and reaches safely the village Tato and had our lunch in small hotel and prepared for the trek to Fairy Meadows  which is walk of two and half hours along juniper and birch trees with the magnificent view of Nanga Parbat and joining snow-capped mountains. We arrived at Fairy Meadow at 6 o’ clock great green meadows with huge trees of timber, juniper and birch. It was full of Pakistani tourist. It is a wonderful tourist resort at 3400 meters. We enjoyed the whole day very much, the jeep driving from Raikot to Tato was very interesting for my clients.
The next 30th July 2015, we had a day trip to the base camp we started by 7 a.m and walked along the huge forest on lush green meadows, there several clear springs all along the way and summer houses where the local people stay with their herds of cattle during the summer. We reached Bial camp after two hours and had some tea over there and continued towards the base two of my members were not felling well one of the member could not continued and stop on the one of the lady member continued up to the first view point and decided go back from here, but the four members very curious to reach to advance base camp at the altitude of 4,500 meters. We decide to return with this lady member and myself and one of the local person went with four members to their destination. By the evening at 7 o’ clock we got back to our hotel at Fairy Meadows it was still noisy with local tourist ( Pakistanis). It was again an interesting day and the weather was always with us. We could be able view the Nanga Parbat with moon light and enjoyed the whole trip very much.

Our next plan is to Mazino Pass will be posted in the next few days.


  1. Please share your experience regarding Mazino pass and also provide a picture of the map you followed. It will be highly appreciated.

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